Housing Company Tshwane, also known as HCT was established in 2001 and duly registered in terms of the companies Act
(Act of 1973), HCT was mandated to act as a long-term institutional vehicle through which the CoT (City of Tshwane) would promote the business of procuring, developing, owning, letting, maintaining and managing residential accommodation
(primarily for the low and middle income bracket in terms of the national Housing Code).
Housing Company Tshwane was therefore established to become the vehicle to access institutional subsidies for the
development and management of social/rental housing in Tshwane as well as enabling the City to achieve its
developmental objectives as captured in the IDP, for example.
HCT is currently the primary provider of social housing, tasked with the responsibility and accountability for developing,
owning and managing social Housing in city of Tshwane.


“Excellent provider of Social Housing in the City of Tshwane”


HCT intends to comply with a number of national, provincial and local legislative and governance requirements to ensure a mutually beneficial and sustainable approach to providing social housing.

The mission of HCT therefore is as follows:
“Delivering affordable and sustainable social housing in the City of Tshwane”


In working towards the achievement of the vision and mission set out above, HCT subscribes to the following internal values:
i. Caring – We take care about the people of the COT and take responsibility and ownership of the obligations vested in our mandate
ii. Responsive – We seek to be proactive in identifying challenges of our client-base and be responsive to their needs and requirements;
iii. Transparency – We seek to provide consistent, accurate verifiable and reliable information to our stakeholders in line with governance requirements;
iv. Integrity – We act with honesty and fairness in all commitments; and
v. Professionalism – We commit to deliver excellence through competent and capable human resources supported by functional and excellent institutional process and frame works.


1.Provision of new Social Housing units on a sustainable basis
2.Effective and efficient management of HCT’s Social Housing Portfolio
3.Strive for financial sustainability by 2017


HCT’s mandate can be summarized as follows:
• Develop, own and manage affordable rental housing opportunities close to employment nodes, transport nodes, social amenities and related public services for households
earning between R2 500 and R7 500(as revised by the national department of human settlements from time to time).
• Provide rental housing accommodation for people who do not qualify for subsidy and are unable to participate in the formal, non-subsidised housing market.
• Provide property management and turnaround services for low to medium density social or rental accommodation.
• Manage all CoT Council owned rental Stock.
• Manage and refurbish staff and public hostels.

HCT therefore interprets its mandate as follows:
“Deliver affordable and sustainable social housing in Tshwane”


Housing company Tshwane subscribes to the following social housing principals:
Sustainability – HCT strives to be efficient and cost effective in the delivery of services to its clients
Affordability – HCT must at all times ensure that all the rental tariffs of stock under its management’s remains available to the target market as identified.
Integrity – Accountability will underpin all operations and dealings of the company with its tenants, stakeholders, and communities it is operating in.